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Facials treatments

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We offer a range of facial treatments that cater to your complexion and fulfilled by our expertly trained staff.

Mini Facial


This treatment helps draw out toxins, relieves congestion, minimises blocked pores and blackheads by using cleansing exfoliation and mask.


This is the ultimate facial for those with oily, combination skin types will leave your skin refreshed and balanced. 


Pure Collagen Facial

55 minutes

This unique double-masking facial instantly boosts radiance using the purest form of native marine collagen. Sluggish, dehydrated and aging skin will regain softness, smoothness, tone and firmness. 


This Treatment also includes a head, neck, shoulder, hand & arm massage.


Ultra Bright Facial

55 minutes

It is time to brighten your skin! Diminish uneven skin or hyper pigmentation. This superior facial promotes clarity, radiance and suppleness allowing your skin to feel blissfully bright and refreshed. 


This Treatment also includes a head neck, shoulder, hand & arm massage.


Deep Exfoliation Facial

55 minutes

The treatment begins with a facial steam and double cleanse, to open up the pores and remove all make-up and dirt from the skin, followed by facial exfoliation and specific blackhead extraction. The exfoliation helps to remove any dead skin and to help brighten up the skin.


The therapist will apply a face mask followed by a relaxing massage including - head, neck, shoulder, arms and hand massage.


With this treatment you will feel completely relaxed and it will leave your skin feeling deeply cleansed with a fresher complexion.


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